Launch of ECNL comparative study on fundraising regulation and consultation

Dear colleagues, 

ECNL just published an extensive comparative research on fundraising regulation with the aim of understanding the patterns, best practices of legislation and self-regulation of fundraising activities. 


We consider the paper as the first step towards further research to assess the impact and implementation of legislation and self-regulation on private giving and to create global guidelines and toolkits on the minimum standards of fundraising regulation and self-regulation to guide reforms.

Based on your engagement and interest in this area, we are inviting you to join us in this experiment for a better environment for philanthropy.


We would be very interested to hear your:

  • Opinion on the recommendations and other findings of the research;
  • Suggestions on issues that would benefit from further analysis;
  • Questions – we are pleased to provide further details and look into the topic together with you.

Your comments and suggestions will contribute to a multi-stakeholder dialogue on how best to, if at all, regulate fundraising to ensure the financial sustainability of CSOs.

In case you are interested to join us in our pursuit to create a better environment for fundraising activities – please contact Francesca Fanucci at