To live a good life means to be able to live it with other people. To be able to live with other people means to share, to have common values, dreams and interests.

Common values, dreams and interests are created in communities, in what is nowadays usually referred to as the civil society. We want to see an authentic, healthy and vibrant civil society in the Czech Republic, the CEE region and in other countries in transition.

POINT is the Platform for Opportunities and Ideas in Non-Profit Training

The POINT! Supporting Healthy Civil Society Leaders

The project will improve and strengthen the capacity and networks of professional trainers and consultants from the CEE/EP/WB regions through the development of the POINT network. In project Phase I, training for trainers and webinar modules will allow senior experts to gain new knowledge and practice experiential learning methods to equip them for training civil society leaders in their regions.

Advanced training for Trainers course

Come and join the amazing world of an experiential learning trainer and the POINT network!

June 16–21, 2024