Order a Service

Do you want to organize a training or workshop in Central and Eastern Europe or in another country undergoing a democratic transformation?

Do you want to make it as effective as possible?

The POINT network will help you to:

  • Make the best use of local experience and expertise;
  • Provide the training in local language (at least partially);
  • Avoid cross culture misunderstandings as much as possible;
  • Build the program / learning design to achieve the desired learning outcomes;
  • Find the best match between local needs and expectations and the graining goals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the Czech Fundraising Center to help you build the best international training team and program to most effectively achieve the learning impact you decided to pursue.

Jana Ledvinová, jana@ledvinova.cz, +420 731 460  975

Jan Kroupa, j@fundraising.cz,  +420 605 406 355

Marie Říhová, team@fundraising.cz, +420 737 432 448

Or make your own choice from the list of tutors who have joined the POINT network and contact them directly.