TOT Summer School 2024

Project: The POINT!: Supporting Healthy Civil Society Leaders (Phase I.)

Advanced training for Trainers course

June 16–21, 2024

in Statek výštice, Chlumec 30, 373 50 Olešník

Merely “lecturing“ is often not enough. Experiential and adventure learning supports personal development by stimulating environments and situations where people would face the need for making pivotal decisions about their future, encouraging them to discover and step into unknown spaces, inside themselves and in the outside world. The process mentors participants through challenging situations and helps them to build their confidence to meet future challenges.

The program focuses on advanced training methods and techniques to support effective learning processes. Various workshops covering all necessary parts of the successful experiential learning process will be covered. Different trainers' experiences and methods from regional trainers' 'kitchens“ will be shared and enrich the event by the cultural specifics and challenges for the training. The course will help to form the international expert trainers team to become confident and strong leaders for the civil sector sustainability in their part of the world. Several outdoor and indoor games will be incorporated into the program to achieve this ambitious goal.

Come and join the amazing world of an experiential learning trainer and the POINT network!

According to the preliminary needs assessment the course will focus on:

Understanding the experiential learning model as an important element of soft skills and attitude adult education
Creating and playing games - staged games, team and strategy games, simulations, initiative games, role playing, psychological games, sociodrama, etc.
Building the dramaturgy and scenario of the event to rich the educational goal.
The detailed needs assessment interview will be held with each selected participant to match their needs and expectations in the course agenda.

If you are interested in participating, you must fill out an application. The deadline for registration is March 30. Participants will be carefully selected by the team of project partners to form the expert group for future collaboration in adapting the experience and build the capacity to develop regional leadership training. The final decision about the group of participants will be done by April 15, 2024 latest.

In any case you need help, please contact: Jana Ledvinová, 00420 731 460 975,

The venue

Statek Vyštice is a very pleasant place in the middle of a traditional agriculture landscape. The venue is owned by two master outward bound trainers and they are well equipped for any interactive indoor and outdoor training. You can expect new experiences and unforgettable moments there.

The accommodation

The accommodation will be  covered by the program. You will sleep in double rooms in small apartments. Bathrooms are outside the apartments, common for everybody.

The food

Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner will be covered too including the tea and coffee all the time. Please, if you have any food limitations and preferences, let us know and we will do our best to fulfill your needs. The bar with beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks is available (please, take some cash, drinks are not included in the budget).

Other info

The program starts on Sunday, June 16th by dinner at 19:00 and ends by lunch at 13:00 on Friday, June 21st. Accommodation on Sunday will be available from 17:00.

Travel cost to Prague or České Budějovice and insurance is the participant own cost and responsibility. We will cover and help you to travel from Prague or České Budějovice to the venue if you need (there are comfortable trains to the town from Prague or Vienna).

The temperature should be around 25 Celsius. It shouldn't be too rainy, but you'd better take something against the rain. Please, do not forget to take sport shoes and clothes to feel comfortable during outdoor games.

Please bring at least 1 set of outdoor clothing that you can get dirty or damaged.


Jana Ledvinová

Jana has been working in the nonprofit sector for more than 35 years and became a respected international expert for management for the civic sector development. Her leadership training is based on the experiential learning principles. She believes that a leader does not need only assistance with learning professional knowledge. Strong leadership also requires other essential skills and abilities – the passion for the mission, respect to others following the path, team spirit and self-confidence. To support these critical skills during training, she utilizes experience from her career as an Outward Bound instructor in special games and simulations. Jana is an author of various books and handouts for civic sector management translated to different languages. As a co-author of the game Labyrinth of the World she became a Prize Winner in the International Management Game Competition (1995-1997).

Jan Kroupa

Jan has 20+ years of experience as an international consultant, trainer and researcher focused on philanthropy, resource mobilization and leadership in civil society from more than twenty countries worldwide, primarily in Europe. With PhD in philosophy and ethics, he is the co-founder of the Czech Fundraising Center, a leading CEE capacity building non-profit and the Chair of NETT, the Civil Society Think Tank – both based in Prague, Czech Republic. Jan teaches at the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University Prague and serves on the boards of several non-profits. “I believe that the future remains open and that it matters what we do and do not do, what we say and do not say. That is why I serve leaders in the philanthropic sector who search for and pursue their mission so that they can walk the Earth with their heads up high.”

Peter Guštafík

As a trainer and facilitator, Peter specializes in designing and delivering learning experiences for people active in civil society. He is a fan of gamification and generative AI tools to enhance learning. He promotes reflective practice as part of experiential learning to help learners uncover actionable insights and challenge themselves into unlearning and re-learning. As a facilitator he helps groups identify challenges and guides them through organizational development processes such as strategic planning or visioning, including pushing teams out of their comfort zones and overcoming biases, as well as supporting them in the process of aligning organizational mission with core values. He finds inspiration in philosophy and rabbinic texts.

POINT is the Platform for Opportunities and Ideas in Non-Profit Training

A unique network of local expert trainers, facilitators, coaches, and consultants focused on resource mobilization and fundraising in Central and Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet area called POINT, this program has the aim of pooling experience and expertise, offering new knowledge and pathways to success.

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