Training Report 2015 – Moldova

Platform for Opportunities and Ideas in Nonprofit Training

Is an open network of professionals who have dedicated their expertise as trainers, consultants and researchers to support sustainability, leadership and capacity building of civil society organizations in the CEE region. We exchange, we share, we meet, we talk, we refer, we participate in projects, we provide each other with support and supervision. That´s the POINT!

Project is focused on 3 EaP countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia), where the applicant has had experience implementing successful projects with local partners – training centers and support organizations.  The V4 team will provide resource mobilization know-how, applying effective development models from their countries.


Country-specific resource mobilization training – Moldova

Trainers network POINT is slowly, but surely growing. Below you can find the reports of realized trainings in 2015. Trainigs were implemented by trainers and participants TOT 2014.

Major services is provided by CICO and TOT participants 2014 Veronica Timbalari, Serghei Tapordei and Gheorghe Zastavnețchi .

Reports of realized trainings in 2015 you can find attached below.


Project POINT is supported by Visegrad Fund.


Training report-Timbalari V.

Training report-Zastavnețchi G.

Training report-Tapordei S.