Together Until the End

In 2016, the Czech Fundraising Center concluded in partnership with the Avast Foundation a long-term assistance program to build fundraising capacity in 1/3 of selected hospices in the Czech Republic.

The program – entitled Together Until the End – Support of Self-reliance – offered to selected hospice care providers two year of systematic support from direct funding of staff and campaign through challenge and matching mechanism to training, experience sharing, consulting and coaching.

Program outcomes were stunning. Calculated increase of fundraising income in 2016 compared to the beginning of the program amounted to CZK 11,4 million, which on average meant that participants more than doubled their fundraising income. 

The Avast Foundation evaluates the program outcomes as follows:

Participating hospices now have:

  • Fudndraising strategy for 3 years
  • Increased income from private donors exceeding CZK 11 M
  • Matched fundraising income of CZK 5 M (in addition)
  • Undesignated money to provide better service to their clients
  • Trained fundraisers on staff
  • Integrated and established fundraising as standard part of organizational management
  • Informed and involved staff and management in fundraising
  • Experience from a study visit to hospice fundraising in the UK
  • CSR system to manage their donor accounts implemented and running
  • National campaign Running for Hospices implemented in regions
  • Club of Hospice Fundraisers established to carry forward the momentum developed in the program
  • Changed attitudes and thinking about professional fundraising operation
  • Strengthened self-confidence, sharing and relationships within the hospice community