There is an increasing number of non-profits in the Czech Republic who decided to move beyond the closed circuits of the self-centered world of project proposal writing and try to involve real people and communities around them, so that they could pursue their publicly beneficial vision regardless of whether there is an appropriate call for proposals to apply to. The purpose of this program is to support such organizations by helping them to develop and to test fundraising campaigns.

FRIN is a fundraising accelerator program designed similarly to business start-up accelerators which combines several types of support to participating organizations: practical testing, training, mentoring, peer to peer learning and sharing. The program rests on an informational portal website bringing topical information, case studies, on-line fundraising help-desk, e-learning, resource center and much more (

Simple, straight-forward, practical, useful. stands for Fundraising INnovation, INsight, INitiation, INspiration, Information.

6 years of program in the Czech Republic.