For Target Audiences

Do you want to support the civil sector development in Central and Eastern Europe or in another country undergoing a democratic transformation? 

Do you plan to organize an educational program, development project, or simply training or consultations?

  • International donors and agencies building capacities and long-term sustainability of civil society organizations in countries of transition;
  • Government agencies building capacities and long-term sustainability of civil society organizations in countries of transition;
  • Local civil society organizations, umbrellas and networks who feel the need to diversify their or their members´ funding sources, including income-generating activities and social entrepreneurship;
  • Corporations and other stakeholders who want to support long-term sustainability of civil society organizations in countries of transition, including their income-generating activities and social entrepreneurship.


Our experience from working in diverse countries and regions has taught us that in order to develop real independence and long-term sustainability, civil society organizations need extensive assistance that combines diverse approaches and tools (training, consultations, coaching, study visits and internships, case studies, skill shares etc.) and is delivered over a period of time, usually at least one to two years. One-off, short term training interventions may be useful, but over time, their impact proves to be limited.

Often enough, it turns out that prior to developing fundraising, resource mobilization and income-generating activities, organizations have to first build other internal capacities – management, planning, structures, boards, constituencies, communications etc. For this reason, we developed and offer a full-scale complex assistance that can be custom-tailored to specific needs of any client.

With nearly two decades of international experience in resource mobilization training, consulting and coaching in the CEE region, the Balkans, the post-Soviet region as well the Middle East, The Czech Fundraising Center together with our partners offers custom-tailored solutions to you!

  • Making the best use of local experience and expertise;
  • Providing the training in local language (at least partially);
  • Avoiding cross culture misunderstandings as much as possible;
  • Building the program / learning design to achieve the desired learning outcomes;
  • Finding the best match between local needs and expectations and the graining goals.

The Czech Fundraising Center is a registered Charity. We can partner up with you in a development program, search together, design a common program and/or apply for available development funding in partnership. We can work both on grant-recipient as well as fee-for-service (contract) basis. Given the scope of provided assistance and the vast regional scope of operation, all cooperation, partnerships and contract must be agreed and specified individually.