Code of Ethics

This text resulted from several rounds of discussions among members of the Club of Fundraising Professionals working under the auspices of the Czech Fundraising Center. Any fundraising NGO or individual may join in as long as it decides and declares to adhere to all principles listed below. We believe that personal commitment is the best way to cultivate the environment of professional philanthropy.

We regard joining this declaration to be a public pledge which can be monitored by all those who have made it as well as by the public at large. The Czech Fundraising Center does not assume the role of an arbiter in matters related to ethics in fundraising. We ask anybody who discovers that any of the signatories have failed to comply with any of the stated principles to notify them – either privately or publicly — using our discussion forum.

Furthermore, we are convinced that ethical action is to be discussed and interpreted, rather than stated as a matter of fact, for the question, “What is the right thing to do in a particular situation?” has to be asked over and over again.

To join this declaration of ethical fundraising and to be able to let your donors and partners know that you aspire to consider the ethical dimension of your fundraising action, please fill in this application and send it to us. Within few days – following a very simple identity check – we will send you the “FairRaising” logo for you to use as you see fit.


Code of Ethics for Donor Communications of Civil Society Organizations

Inspired by our common interest to develop a free and vital civil society we declare that:

  1. We use all gifts received in line with our mission as well as with the intentions of the donor, whether spoken or stated in writing. Should we conclude that we are unable to make such use of any gift, we will refuse or return such a gift.
  2. We provide information regarding all gifts received in an open, true and comprehensive way.
  3. We assume full responsibility for determining from whom we accept gifts and support and we publish our gift acceptance policy.
  4. We use all gifts received effectively and efficiently, in accordance with legislation in effect.
  5. We employ basic transparency tools, making our statutes (or other foundation documents), the annual report, annual balance statement and audit (if available), and other relevant information easily available to the public.
  6. We always thank our donors for their gifts and we guarantee that all donor information is treated with confidentiality and stored safely in compliance with the Privacy Act.
  7. We guarantee that people appointed to speak on our behalf to donors with the aim of raising  their interest and support will act in compliance with the Fundraiser´s Code of Ethics (below).

Fundraiser´s Code of Ethics

  1. All communications of a fundraiser with a donor are open, true and comprehensive.
  2. Fundraiser respects the donor, including his refusal.  He/she will not take advantage of donors´ weaknesses.  He/she does not emotionally blackmail nor pressure the donor.
  3. Fundraiser only contacts donors who are acceptable for the organization he/she works for.
  4. Fundraiser will only accept a gift which is intended to be used in line with the mission and ethical standards of the organization he/she works for.
  5. Fundraiser acts in a manner that does not cause harm to the organization and its reputation, nor to other organizations.
  6. Fundraiser always thanks the donor in a timely and adequate manner.
  7. Fundraiser protects the dignity, safety and rights of people served by the organization he/she works for.
  8. Fundraiser keeps learning to grow in the field and strives to cultivate fundraising as a profession.