The civil sector remains to be rather fragile in many of the Central and Eastern European countries and the rest of the post-Soviet area. Lacking public recognition, failing to achieve significant policy level impact, lacking leadership, lacking resources and being continually dependent on external funding represent a bundle of interconnected challenges that need to be tackled in order to further grow the civic sector in our region.

We singled out resource mobilization and diversification of funding as the key to strengthening the capacity of civil society, for it has become a major challenge for sustainability and independence of the sector. And since we believe that change is introduced by specific individual people who can share their vision with other, i.e. by leaders, we designed the major step in this direction to be the development of a network of local expert trainers, facilitators, coaches and consultants focused on resource mobilization and fundraising in Central and Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet area entitle POINT, with the aim of sharing and exchanging experience and expertise, offering inspiration from the world and opportunities to grow.

The POINT yields specific benefits in developing in-country expertise and leadership focused on resource mobilization capacity building. The stress on networking elements ensures that this would not be a one-off intervention but a continued effort to build resource mobilization capacity, expertise and leadership across the region. This capacity will be embodied in a group of active trainers and consultants working – individually and together -to benefit CSOs in their countries.

In order to achieve our mission, the POINT network

  • Provides top-quality training, consulting and assistance services to civil society organizations in the CEE region and in countries of transition;
  • Promotes sustainability and resource mobilization of CSOs as a way to achieve independence, thereby developing authentic civil society in the CEE region and in countries of transition;
  • Carries out research and provides top-quality information about resource mobilization in the CEE region and in countries of transition to all relevant stakeholders.

POINT donors and partners