Leaders of Tomorrow

Training program focusing on leadership development and issues and opportunities unique to the non-governmental sectors across CEE.

  • A year-long development program, which begins with an orientation session and a four-day intensive experiential learning workshop held in vicinity of Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • The participants will progress through their own individualized leadership program, with the help and support of dedicated mentors.
  • The culmination of the program includes a leadership summit, conducted one year after the initial leadership training.

The content of the program

Personal Leadership

    • Reflections of self in the context of leadership;
    • Understanding the gap between where/who I am and where/who I want to be;
    • Assessing personal values and challenging them outside one´s comfort zone;
    • Understanding and being aware of the moments in which we can hold true to our values;
    • Sharing observations with others.


Organizational Leadership

    • Understanding how organizations are organized and what that means;
    • Reflecting how leadership happens in organizations;
    • Understanding the various leadership roles in an organization;
    • Understanding the leadership positions within an organization;
    • Identifying and defining the role you play in your organization;
    • Identifying the best suited role and the role you may wish to play in the future;
    • Understanding the characteristics and values you need for the current role, those you need for the future role, and the difference between the two;
    • Distinguishing between formal and informal leadership roles. 


Community Leadership

  • Understanding the elements of community leadership: people and organizations;
  • Determining in what capacity you may wish to lead (personal and/or organizational) and how to blend the two;
  • Understanding what community you are building or what communities you see yourself as a leader in and how you contribute to grow these communities;
  • Defining your vision for your community / communities;
  • Sharing your vision with the community;
  • Engaging people and mobilizing resources.


Professional Leadership

  • Identifying the profession that you most closely relate to;
  • Identifying the components that constitute a profession;
  • Understanding the role a profession in advancing community development and the development of civil society;
  • Understanding the role of high standards and ethics in all that we do;
  • Understanding the role of a profession in leadership that can support all of the previously discussed elements of leadership.

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