About the Fundraisers’ Club

About the Fundraisers’ Club

Since January 2009, the Czech Fundraising Center has been associating professional and beginning fundraisers in a fundraiser club.

The fundraiser club, in addition to sharing information between its members, also offers the necessary (not only) basic know-how, which is often difficult for beginners and advanced in the field to acquire. Each meeting led by the coordinator includes an educational block on fundraising topics with the guest. During or after the meeting, discussion or practical work on the tasks follows.

Since 2020, the meetings were transferred to online meetings on monthly basis. Every year, app.60-80 representatives from civil society organizations gather in the club.

The Fundraisers’ Club is in Czech language.


Fundraising Friendly Club

In 2021, the Czech Fundraising Center began with educational activities for the management and the board of the civil society organizations. Under the headline Fundraising Friendly, the managers and directors passed trainings on better inclusion of fundraising into their overall management and systemic policies in the organization.

Based on the demand from the management, the Fundraising Friendly Club was established in 2022 to share experience.