Georgia 2014/2015

Central and Eastern European Trainers Network for Fundraising and Long Term Sustainability of the Civil Sector”. Project was focused on 3 EaP countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia), where the applicant has had experience implementing successful projects with local partners – training centers and support organizations.  The V4 team will provide resource mobilization know-how, applying effective development models from their countries.

  • Fundraising Training Workshop in Moldova – 3 days,  15 participants,
  • Fundraising Training Workshop in Ukraine – 3 days,  15 participants,
  • Fundraising Training Workshop in Georgia – 3 days,  15 participants,
  • Training for Trainers School – 10 days, 25 participants (15 from EaP countries),
  • Expert Network of CEE Trainers for Fundraising,
  • Expert Network of CEE Trainers for Fundraising.
  • Fundraising Training Curricula customized for the actual needs in EaP countries.
  • Project team of experts: Jana Ledvinová, Jan Kroupa, Magdalena Špačková

Supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

Georgia 2013

Project Learning the Experience of NGOs from V4 Countries in Social Entrepreneurship”. Study tour to Czech Republic lasted from 10 March to 14 March 2013. 3 NGO managers from Azerbaijan (Hasan Huseynli, director of „Intelligent Citizen“ Enlightenment Center Public Union, Ahmad Guliyev, chairman of “Development in Science and Education” Public Union and Konul Mirzayeva, director of “Magic Carpet” Children and Youth Public Union) and 1 NGO representative from Georgia (George Gigiberia, education advisor, “Center for International Education”) participated at study tour. 4 day training course on Social Entrepreneurship for NGO representatives from Azerbaijan and Georgia was conducted by Czech Fundraising Center in Prague. Trainers were Ms.Jana Ledvinova and Mr.Jan Kroupa. The training workshop dealt with the concept of social entrepreneurship, planning entrepreneurship scheme, testing enterprise ideas and financial planning for social entrepreneurship.

Georgia 2011

Vocational training development focused on Georgian IDPs and NGO empowerment with emphasis on V4 transformation and EU accession done together with Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Georgia, IDP NNO representatives, (supported by the Visegrad Fund), 2011, trainers and consultants: Jana Ledvinova, Jan Kroupa, Petr Baboucek

The project targets NGOs working with IDP communities and will develop their training and consultation skills (to be able to provide standard vocational training programs) based on the example of community enterprise development training and consulting. We will use the tested Social Enterprise Development training module adjusted to IDP communities and their socio-economic situation and post-war conditions. The training segment of the project will be complemented by a study tour to the V4 countries, involving our partners fromSlovakia,HungaryandPoland, and grant-making to provide small start-up funding to cogent and innovative entrepreneurial ideas, involving our project partner, Eurasia Partnership Foundation.

Georgia 2009/2010

Extensive project to support the development of social entrepreneurship in Georgia and Armenia done together with Eurasia Partnership Foundation and the Resource Alliance, Georgia and Armenia, NNO representatives, (MZV ČR), 2009-2010, trainers and consultants: Jana Ledvinova, Jan Kroupa, Petr Baboucek, Marketa Krausova, Jana Liskova

The goal of the project was to promote social enterprise inArmenia andGeorgia as a viable business model for organizations that are driven by both social objectives/mission and profit through training, consulting and grant support to non-profits for concrete entrepreneurial projects.

Georgia 2007

Civil Sector Development Training for Georgian Lawyers, Georgia, 2007, 3 days, trainer Jan Kroupa (2007)

Georgia 2003

Sustainable Development of NNOs  and Cooperation with Government, Georgia and Abchazia – Youth NNO representatives, (UMCOR) September 2003 – 5 days. Trainers: Jana Ledvinová and Petr Baboucek