Czech Republic

Czech Republic 2014/2015

„Central and Eastern European Trainers Network for Fundraising and Long Term Sustainability of the Civil Sector”. Project was focused on 3 EaP countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia), where the applicant has had experience implementing successfulprojects with local partners – training centers and support organizations.  The V4 team will provide resource mobilization know-how, applying effective development models from their countries.

  • Fundraising Training Workshop in Moldova – 3 days,  15 participants,
  • Fundraising Training Workshop in Ukraine – 3 days,  15 participants,
  • Fundraising Training Workshop in Georgia – 3 days,  15 participants,
  • Training for Trainers School – 10 days, 25 participants (15 from EaP countries),
  • Expert Network of CEE Trainers for Fundraising,
  • Expert Network of CEE Trainers for Fundraising.
  • Fundraising Training Curricula customized for the actual needs in EaP countries.
  • Project team of experts: Jana Ledvinová, Jan Kroupa, Magdalena Špačková

Supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

Czech Republic 2010/2012

The CzechFundraisingCenterinitiated and is among the implementing partners  theStrengthening Fundraising Capacities of NGDOs in Central Europe project supported by the EUAid. This large international research, networking, training and capacity building program focuses on identifying, sharing and disseminating best practice examples and know-how in resource mobilization and practice in central and eastern Europe, bringing innovation from the UK and western Europe. This project involved an extensive comparative research of the specifics of resource mobilization for humanitarian, emergency and development aid abroad in the CEE region (specifically in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary), four fact-finding trips organized by the four national partners and one week-long fact-finding trip to the UK and publishing a collection of case studies from this region focused on topics related to the resource mobilization for emergency and development aid in the CEE context entitled Hearts and Money (available for download in English at The role of the Czech Fundraising Center included – initiation and participation in the project design; participation in the fact-finding trips and best practice identification; Jan Kroupa contributed with a case study to the Heart and Money publication; Jan Kroupa was a trainer during the two 3 day regional workshops in Budapest, Hungary and Warsaw, Poland with the aim to disseminate learning from the project; Jana Ledvinová and Jan Kroupa will lead the country dissemination workshops to take place within this project; Jan Kroupa is the keynote speaker of the conclusive project conference scheduled for May 23 and 24, 2012.

Czech Republic 2008

Complex Research of Fundraising, Fundraising Environemnt and Fundraising Potential in the Czech Republic commissioned through the Resource Alliance for a third party contractor, carried out by Jan Kroupa, Jana Ledvinová and Markéta Krausová of the Czech Fundraising Center and supervised by Simon Collins (former CEO of the Resource Alliance). This research involved desk and academic research, but focused on primary data collection (interviews, questionnaires, focus groups), involving all relevant stakeholders (NGO leaders, corporations, CSR managers, fundraising agencies, institutional donor representatives, donors, high net worth individuals, legacy donors, legislators, professional advisors etc.)