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Our team

Jana Ledvinová

founder and director

Executive chair of the Czech Fundraising Center, Jana has over 15 years of experience as a trainer and consultant of fundraising and CSO management in the Czech Republic, in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Middle East. She gained her experiences from founding and for over 20 years serving as the CEO of an environmental education organization in the Czech Republic. She studied NGO management at the Institute of Policy Studies at the , she was the John´s Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. Contact: jana@ledvinova.cz; tel. +420 731 460 975

Jan Kroupa

founder and senior expert

Jan has over 15 years of experience as a consultant, trainer and researcher in the field of philanthropy, resource mobilization, leadership and management of civil society organizations in more than a dozen countries around the world, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe. He is the co-founder of the Czech Fundraising Center and the Chair of NETT – the Civil Society Think Tank (www.ttnett.cz). Jan serves as a board member of several civil society organizations in the CEE region. Contact: j@fundraising.cz; tel. +420 605 406 355

Petr Babouček

account manager, trainer

Petr has 18 year of experience working in the NGO sector as an accountant, financial advisor and trainer. He holds a certificate of a Trainer of non-profit management from the John´s Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. Contact: baboucci@seznam.cz

Magdalena Špačková

project manager, trainer

Magdalena has worked in the non-profit sector since 1997, she started as a volunteer in social and leisure activities for children and youth. She has worked in the NGO sector as a social worker, in back office, in coordination and production positions. She is a lecturer of prevention training workshops for youth. She has worked as a coordinator and project manager in the CFC since January 2014. Contact: m@fundraising.cz, tel.: +420 775 117 000

Tereza Petráčková

project coordinator

Contact: team@fundraising.cz, tel.: +420 721 883 130