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Trainers and Consultants

Czech Fundraising Center

Jana Ledvinová

Executive chair of the Czech Fundraising Center, Jana has over 15 years of experience as a trainer and consultant of fundraising and CSO management in the Czech Republic, in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Middle East. She gained her experiences from founding and for over 20 years serving as the CEO of an environmental education organization in the Czech Republic. She studied NGO management at the Institute of Policy Studies at the , she was the John´s Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA.

Jan Kroupa

As a co-founder of the Czech Fundraising Center, Jan has over 15 years of experience as a consultant, trainer and researcher in the field of philanthropy, resource mobilization, leadership and management of civil society organizations in more than a dozen countries around the world, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe. He is the co-founder of the Czech Fundraising Center and the Chair of NETT – the Civil Society Think Tank (www.ttnett.cz). Jan serves as a board member of several civil society organizations in the CEE region.

Petr Babouček

Petr has 18 year of experience working in the NGO sector as an accountant, financial advisor and trainer. He holds a certificate of a Trainer of non-profit management from the John´s Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA.

External trainers

Lenka Dobiáš Černá

Lenka Dobiáš Černá, M.A. studied poverty elimination methods at the prestigious Institute for Social Studies in the Netherlands. Since 2012, she has worked as a freelancing consultant. She focuses on fundraising, social marketing and partnership development among non-profit and for-profit sectors with the aim of increasing economic opportunities for the poorest people in developing countries. Her specialty is in designing marketing strategies for development programs to build their sustainability. lenka@marketingfordevelopment.com, www.marketingfordevelopment.com | +420 602 190 960

Jitka Jilemická

Having graduated from the Charles University, Jitka has worked as a freelancing consultant, trainer, mediator and coach since 1995, working primarily with top and middle management in corporations. Her expertise lies in personal and internal communications, negotiating and conflict resolution, mediation, facilitation, coaching, team work and stress management. She leads long term mediation training CMI (Conflict Management International) at the Anglo-American College Prague and has worked as a Cambridge Business School of Prague MBA program teacher.

Kateřina Poláková

Since 2013, Kateřina has worked as a manager of public events at the Průhonice park and castle owned by the Botanical Institute of the Academy of Sciences. Her strengths involve a full range of event production and management skills – from opening and running a café to organizing major cultural, social and scientific events and their promotion. Her work also includes attracting and stewarding sponsors and donors. vivio@centrum.cz | +420 607 789 429

Jitka Nesrstová

Jitka has been involved in fundraising for more than 15 years. She gained most experience with environmental organizations, where her heart is at, but worked also with community and civil society development projects. She is a sought-after trainer and speaker on topics related to fundraising and marketing of non-profits. She is the co-founder of the Coalition for Easy Giving which brings together the leading non-profits in the country. First and foremost, Jitka has never stopped being an environmental activist supporting a number of green non-profits, from Greenpeace, Hnutí Duha, Auto*mat and Nesehnutí.

Judita Nechvátalová

Judita leads a socially responsible project of an environmentally friendly advertisement agency call GreenCat. From 2009 to 2014, she lead fundraising and PR for the TEREZA association. Before moving to the non-profit sector, she worked for a large international advertisement agency, managing large clients in the Czech Republic and corporate brands. Her passion is the environment, nature and preservation of creatures, things and ideals.

Jan Gregor

Jan currently works as a program director of the Via Foundation, spending part of his time as a fundraising and organizational development consultant. Since 2006, he worked for Hnutí Duha – Friends of the Earth Czech Republic as a fundraising director. Since 2012, Jan has chaired the Coalition for Easy Giving focused on advocacy, networking and fundraising know-how sharing and transfer among leading Czech non-profits.

Lukáš Hejna

Lukáš leads the Via Association focused on technological development for Czech non-profits and strengthening their capacities. He focuses primarily on on-line fundraising and is behind the DARUJME.cz tool that enables Czech non-profits to receive on-line gifts. “When it comes to fundraising, I am fascinated by relationships and by the trust that is involved in giving. I like to interconnect the online and offline worlds. Using technology and specific online tools for more philanthropy and stronger non-profits is the challenge that I live.”

Jan Kostečka

Busking professional consultant and amateur DJ, connoisseur of family life and close human touch. Honza loves working with people and wishes that his work hours flowed like a good party. After many years of having worked with large and small teams and organizations, he can still offer enthusiasm, help you move forward in difficult spots, handle crises and not loose good humor in the meantime. He sees the future of our organization almost exclusively strategically well. As a founding member of a TUDYTAM consulting team, he focuses on strategic development and planning, management challenges, case, team and individual supervisions. Honza´s specialty is supervision to management team and to top managers.

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